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        留學美國 Lesson 1:Making Friends2011-01-22
        When making new friends, there are usually three parts to the conversation you will have with your new friend. The first is the greeting.
        留學美國 Lesson 3:At the Library2011-01-21
        I am a bit confused. My sociology class is supposed to read a chapter in a book called Sociology and the Modern Age. According to the syllabus, the book is in the library, but I haven't been able to find it.
        留學美國 Lesson 2:Apartment Hunting2011-01-21
        Bill is looking for a new apartment. He just moved to a new city in order to start studying at a university. He is at a Rental Agency in the new city.
        留學美國 Lesson 4:Asking for the Way2011-01-21
        Cross the road and turn left at the other side. Walk along the footpath until you reach the traffic lights. You will see a shopping centre on the right hand side. Walk across the road and turn right after the shopping centre.
        留學美國 Lesson 5:A VISIT TO THE ADVISOR2011-01-20
        In this conversation, an international student has been asked to see her advisor. The advisor has something very important to discuss with the student.
        留學美國 Lesson 7:Shopping in America:At the mall2011-01-20
        Here we are, guys, I'm going to stop by Bergner's first. I might just get lucky today. Who knows, some of their dresses might be on SALE.
        留學美國 Lesson 6:Shopping in America:INTRODUCTION2011-01-20
        Conversation A is a typical conversation about shopping in the United States. Masahiro is an international student who has just arrived from Japan, and Anna and Will are introducing him to the shopping scenario in America.
        留學美國 Lesson 8:Shopping in America:Complaining about Some Purchases2011-01-19
        That makes three displeased shoppers. Guess what? The camera I bought and shipped to Mike just this morning is now on sale! It's a pity that I bought it then. Then again, I guess I shouldn't complain.
        留學美國 Lesson 10:Ordering Lunch2011-01-19
        I think so. Please bring us the check when you return with our food. We're pressed for time.
        留學美國 Lesson 9:Going to a Partya2011-01-19
        Oh, how nice. Let me take it to the kitchen. Go on into the living room. I think you know most everyone.
        留學美國 Lesson 11:GOING TO A MOVIE[1]2011-01-18
        Not really, considering the fact that other people are paying as high as $200 each on the black market. Besides, I knew you were really looking forward to watching Star Wars on the opening day.
        留學美國 Lesson 13:GOING TO A MOVIE[3]2011-01-18
        Well, one of the most spectacular things about it are the special effects. State of the art special effects are the main reason for the success of the previous episodes, so audiences bear high expectations on this one. And I don't think they'll be disappointed.
        留學美國 Lesson 12:GOING TO A MOVIE[2]2011-01-18
        Wow, look at the line! It's worse than I expected. We're lucky we got here an hour early. Or else we would definitely have had problems getting good seats. I'm glad we made the effort to come early.


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