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            華爾街中級英語 Lesson 12011-05-08
            Take the train from track 1, and change at Worcester Place. Now that’s another very interesting word.
            華爾街中級英語 Lesson 22011-05-08
            Passionately in love with her that nothing else in the world matters a damn to you. Right?
            華爾街中級英語 Lesson 42011-05-07
            So you think your son should marry a woman he doesn’t love, just so he can get his hands on her father’s money?
            華爾街中級英語 Lesson 32011-05-07
            This is what you can do Hugo. Get me a million dollars in bills, and a clean passport, and you’ll never hear from me again.
            華爾街中級英語 Lesson 52011-05-06
            But the steaks weren’t as good as Mexican steaks! Well now, Mr. Peters, you’re a businessman, too, aren’t you?
            華爾街中級英語 Lesson 72011-05-06
            This is Brighton station. It’s a busy station. Many passengers travel up to London everyday from here. I’m going to talk to one of the passengers now. let’s talk to you first of all, please.
            華爾街中級英語 Lesson 62011-05-05
            華爾街中級英語 Lesson 82011-05-05
            Does anyone here know of any reason why David and Juanita should not be married? If so, let them speak now.
            華爾街中級英語 Lesson 92011-05-04
            No, thanks. I’ve just had a bit of bad news-business problems. That’s all. I’ll have to go away for a few days.
            華爾街中級英語 Lesson 102011-05-04
            They’ve just called the flight, so I’ll have to stop now. Don’t worry about me, dear; I’ll be alright.
            華爾街中級英語 Lesson 112011-05-01
            This is the life, right? Just sitting here on this beach, having a drink or two, watching the world go by.
            華爾街中級英語 Lesson 132011-05-01
            Long enough to have an idea about people’s tastes. Tell me about your customers. Do they mainly buy cassettes or records or CDs these days?
            華爾街中級英語 Lesson 122011-04-29
            That’s right. When it got dark he switched on the light so he could read, and that meant I couldn’t get to sleep.
            華爾街中級英語 Lesson 142011-04-29
            When you buy a new record, do you find that it gets boring very soon once you have listened to it a few times?
            華爾街中級英語 Lesson 152011-04-28
            I like independent music and a bit of soul and dance, a bit of reggae and a bit of the new thrash rock that’s come from America recently, like Nirvana.
            華爾街中級英語 Lesson 162011-04-28
            When you have a new album and you take it home, do you listen to it a lot or do you savor it bit by bit?
            華爾街中級英語 Lesson 172011-04-27
            Oh, yes, many more. People are now buying their equipment. They realize that vinal is dying out. And the only option is to move towards cd. We get a lot of older customer as well who like classical music and jazz, which obviously the quality is better on cd than on vynel or cassettes.
            華爾街中級英語 Lesson 182011-04-27
            There is a British Airways flight to Sydney at 19:25, and there’s a Mr. Bruce Cobber booked on to it.
            華爾街中級英語 Lesson 202011-04-26
            There’s a lovely beach right next to the hotel; the food is excellent, and the cocktails are even better! The weather has been absolutely great, of course, and I’ve got quite brown.
            華爾街中級英語 Lesson 192011-04-26
            You’re the second person who has asked about him! Yes, sir, he definitely checked in for the flight!
            華爾街中級英語 Lesson 212011-04-25
            Well, first we just sat on the sofa and chatted, but then, do you know what he did next?
            華爾街中級英語 Lesson 222011-04-25
            You see, I’ve just been to this amazing seminar, and then I saw this advertisement in a record shop window, which said.
            華爾街中級英語 Lesson 242011-04-24
            No. I only fly on one, purely because they have more flights available and fly on more days. So, It’s more convenient for me. I like the service I get.
            華爾街中級英語 Lesson 232011-04-24
            Well, I’m here at South Hampton Eaoheigh. airport on the south coast of England. It’s a small airport with destinations for their flights to the Channel Islands of Guernsey. and Jersey to Aldernay to Paris, to Amsterdam to Edinburgh and Gasgous and many other places as well. I’m now gonna to wonder around and chat to some of the passengers.
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