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                英語常用口語900句English 900文本完整版2010-02-10
                英語常用口語900句English 900文本完整版
                英語常用口語900句第一冊[1] Greetings 問候語2010-02-09
                1. Hello.你好! 2. Good morning.早晨好! 3. Im John Smith.我是約翰、史密斯.
                英語常用口語900句第一冊[2] Classroom expressions 課堂用語2010-02-09
                16. Come in,please. 請進! 17. Sit down. 坐下! 18. Stand up,please. 請站起來.19. Open your book,please. 請把書打開.
                英語常用口語900句第一冊[3] Identifying objects 辨別物品2010-02-08
                31. What’s this? 這是什麽? 32. That’s a book. 那是一本書.33. Is this your book? 這是你的書嗎?
                英語常用口語900句第一冊[4] Identifying objects.辨別物品[2]2010-02-08
                46. What are these? 這些是什麽? 47. Those are books. 那些是書.48. Where are the books? 那些書在哪兒?
                英語常用口語900句第一冊[6] Introductions and courtesies 介紹和禮節2010-02-07
                76. What’s your name? 你叫什麽名字? 77. My name is Jones. 我姓瓊斯.78. What’s your first name? 你的名字叫什麽? 79. My first name is Bill. 我的名字叫比爾.
                英語常用口語900句第一冊[5] Identifying people by occupation 辨別身份2010-02-07
                61. Who are you? 你是誰? 62. I’m a student. 我是學生.63. Who is that over there? 那邊那個人是誰?
                英語常用口語900句第一冊[7] Days and months of the calenday 年曆的周日月2010-02-06
                91. What day is today? 今天是星期幾? 92. Today is Monday. 今天是星期一.93. What day was yesterday? 昨天是星期幾? 94. Yesterday was Sunday. 昨天是星期日.
                英語常用口語900句第一冊[8] Talking about objects 談論事物2010-02-06
                106. Do you have a book? 你有一本書嗎? 107. Yes,I do. 是的,我有.108. You have a radio,don’t you? 你有一台收音機,對嗎?
                英語常用口語900句第一冊[9] Telling time 述說時間2010-02-05
                121. What time is it? 幾點鍾了? 122. It’s two o’clock. 兩點鍾.123. It’s a few minutes after two. 兩點過幾分.124. My watch is fast and your watch Is slow. 我的表快,而你的表慢.
                英語常用口語900句第一冊[10] Talking about dates 談論日期2010-02-05
                136. What’s the date today? 今天是幾號? 137. Today is November first,nineteen sixty-three. 今天是一九六三年十一月一號.
                英語常用口語900句第二冊[1]Talking about objects and people 談論物品和人2010-02-04
                151. What do you want? 152. I want a cup of coffee.153. What would you like to eat? 154. Please give me a piece of pie.
                英語常用口語900句第二冊[2] Talking about languages 談論語言2010-02-04
                166. Do you speak English? 167. Yes, a little.168. Does your friend speak English? 169. Yes, he speaks English perfectly.
                英語常用口語900句第二冊[3] Talking about activities 談論活動2010-02-03
                181. What are you doing? 182. I'm reading a book.183. What's your friend doing? 184. He's studying his lesson.185. I'm not doing anything right now.
                英語常用口語900句第二冊[4] Asking about age 詢問年齡2010-02-03
                196. How old are you? 197. I'm twenty-one years old.198. My brother is not quite twenty-five.199. John is not forty-five yet,is he?
                英語常用口語900句第二冊[6] Talking about yesterday's activities 談論昨天的活動2010-02-02
                226. What time did you get up yesterday morning? 227. I woke up early and got up at 6 o'clock.228. My brother got up earlier than I did.
                英語常用口語900句第二冊[5] Talking about daily activities 談論日常活動2010-02-02
                211. What time do you get up every day? 212. I usually wake up early.213. I get up at 6 o'clock every day.
                英語常用口語900句第二冊[7] Meeting a friend 訪友2010-02-01
                241. Where did you go yesterday? 242. I went to see a friend of mine.243. Did you see Mr. Jones yesterday?
                英語常用口語900句第二冊[8] Talking about last year's activities 談論去年的活動2010-02-01
                256. What time did you use to get up last year? 257. I used to wake up early and get up at 7 o'clock.258. I used to set my alarm clock for exactly 7 a.m.
                英語常用口語900句第二冊[9] Asking about addresses 詢問地址2010-01-31
                271. Where do you live? 272. I live on Washington Street.273. What's your address? 274. I live at 1203 Washington Street.
                英語常用口語900句第二冊[10] Asking questions 提問題2010-01-31
                286. Where were you yesterday afternoon? 287. I was at home all afternoon.288. I was writing some letters to friends of mine.
                英語常用口語900句第三冊[1] Describing objects 形容物品2010-01-30
                301. What color is your book? 302. My book has a dark blue cover.303. How much does that typewriter weigh? 304. It's not too heavy,but I don't know the exact weight.
                英語常用口語900句第三冊[2] Asking people to do things.請人辦事2010-01-30
                316. Would you please tell Mr. Cooper that I'm here.317. Take these books home with you tonight.318. Please bring me those magazines
                英語常用口語900句第三冊[3] Getting information and directions 打聽情況和問路2010-01-29
                331. Excuse me,sir.Can you give me some information? 332. Can you tell me where Peach Street is? 333. It's two blocks straight ahead.334. which direction is it to the theatre?
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