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          背誦爲王第一冊 Unit01:Chinese New Year2010-04-14
          Chinese New Year is the most important festival for Chinese people all over the world. It is also called the Spring Festival or the Lunar New Year. The exact date of the Spring Festival on the Western calendar changes from year to year.
          背誦爲王第一冊 Unit02:Guidelines for Doing Schoolwork2010-04-14
          My school had a policy about homework. Students should not spend more than ninety minutes per night doing homework. This is how I use the time for my work.
          背誦爲王第一冊 Unit03:The Toad and the Frog2010-04-13
          A toad saw a frog near the road. He was a fat old frog. He sat and moaned and groaned.
          背誦爲王第一冊 Unit04:A was an apple pie2010-04-13
          背誦爲王第一冊 Unit04:A was an apple pie
          背誦爲王第一冊 Unit05:Homestay in the US2010-04-12
          My name is Jenny and I did a homestay in America. When I first met my host mother, Mary, she gave me a big hug. I was really shocked because I had never been hugged before, and I wasn sure how to respond.
          背誦爲王第一冊 Unit06:Brothers and Sisters2010-04-12
          My sister is a year older than me and we've been sharing a room since I was 3 years old. We are very close, but we also fight all the time. Our fights are never serious. I can't remember the cause of our fights now, but they were always over small things.
          背誦爲王第一冊 Unit08:Two Dumplings2010-04-11
          A young man had a small business. He worked very hard, and he made a lot of money. One day, he had dinner with a businessman. He wanted the man to become his business partner. When they finished the dinner, there were two dumplings left.
          背誦爲王第一冊 Unit07:Thirty Days Hath September2010-04-11
          背誦爲王第一冊 Unit07:Thirty Days Hath September
          背誦爲王第一冊 Unit09:A Visit to the City Centre2010-04-10
          On their first day in the capital, Diana and Peter visited the Old Tower which stood on a hill near the city centre. There were stairs leading to the top, but Diana and Peter decided to take the lift.
          背誦爲王第一冊 Unit10:Rain, Rain, Go Away2010-04-10
          背誦爲王第一冊 Unit10:Rain, Rain, Go Away
          背誦爲王第一冊 Unit11:An Embarrassing Show2010-04-09
          The day of the school science fair had finally arrived, and Lisa was both nervous and excited. She couldn't wait to show off her volcano model at the fair. She might even win the first prize!
          背誦爲王第一冊 Unit12:Things Your Mother Wouldn’t Say2010-04-09
          Be good and I'll buy you a motorcycle for your birthday!
          背誦爲王第一冊 Unit13:Dogs2010-04-08
          People often say that a dog is man's best friend. Over thousands of years, man has taught his dogs to do many kinds of work besides guarding the home. For example, sheepdogs are famous for their ability to control a flock of hundreds of sheep.
          背誦爲王第一冊 Unit142010-04-08
          背誦爲王第一冊 Unit14
          背誦爲王第一冊 Unit15:What is Time2010-04-07
          Time is grain for peasants. Time is wealth for workers. Time is life for doctors. Time is victory for soldiers.
          背誦爲王第一冊 Unit16:Perfect Match2010-04-07
          A rich woman is so proud of a valuable antique vase that she decides to have her bedroom painted the same colour as the vase. Several painters try to mix the colour right, but none comes close enough to satisfy the woman.
          背誦爲王第一冊 Unit17:A Barbecue2010-04-06
          When I was a child, I once went camping with my family in the summer. We decided to make a barbecue in the valley. So we collected some tree sticks to make a fire. My father asked me if I could try to make a fire.
          背誦爲王第一冊 Unit18:I stand corrected2010-04-06
          I have this friend who always seemed to lean slightly to the left all the time. It used to bother me, so I suggested he see a doctor, and have his legs checked out. For years, he refused and told me I was crazy, but last week, he finally went.
          背誦爲王第一冊 Unit19:Making a Kite2010-04-05
          One day, Paula and Richard decided to make a kite. First they went out and found two straight sticks of the same length. They brought them back home and tied them with a piece of string into the shape of a cross.
          背誦爲王第一冊 Unit202010-04-05
          背誦爲王第一冊 Unit20,暫無文本!
          背誦爲王第一冊 Unit21:English in the World2010-04-04
          Some people say that the English language no longer belongs to the English, and it belongs to the world. It is estimated that the number of people who use English exceeds 750 million. Among these, about 350 million are native speakers, while the rest use it as an official language.
          背誦爲王第一冊 Unit22:A Friend2010-04-04
          When you read an English book, you often come across new words. You might try to guess what the words mean from the words you know, but when you cannot guess the meanings of new words at all, what should you do?
          背誦爲王第一冊 Unit24:Learning English in England2010-04-03
          I came to England last summer. I have been in England for eleven months. I am going to finish my studies in England soon, and will leave for China next month.
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