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                      禮節美語Business Etiquette(打包至20140101)2014-03-02
                      2010年《禮節美語Business Etiquette》聽力音頻打包下載(音頻+文本)2019-06-15
                      2011年《禮節美語Business Etiquette》聽力音頻打包下載(音頻+文本)2019-06-15
                      2012年《禮節美語Business Etiquette》聽力音頻打包下載(音頻+文本)2019-06-15
                      2013年《禮節美語Business Etiquette》聽力音頻打包下載(音頻+字幕+文本)2019-06-15
                      禮節美語 Business Etiquette:268 You Are What You Wear 22013-10-17
                      Cathy 跟同事Adam 正在討論,一個人的穿著是否會對他的精神狀態産生影響。
                      禮節美語 Business Etiquette:267 You Are What You Wear 12013-10-14
                      Cathy 早上上班見到同事 Adam. Cathy: Hi, Adam, nice tie. Adam: Thanks. C: By the way, can I ask you a personal question? A: Ask away! C: How come youre the only one at the office who wears a tie to work every day? Im not criticizing your fashion choices, and you dont have to answer if you dont want to.
                      禮節美語 Business Etiquette:266 losing a job can be positive 22013-10-14
                      Mickey剛失業,跟朋友Suzanne 一起吃飯,Suzanne 勸他說,這未必不是件好事。
                      禮節美語 Business Etiquette:265 losing a job can be positive 12013-09-27
                      Suzanne 約朋友 Mickey 一起吃午飯. Suzanne: Mickey! Good to see you! Its been too long! Mickey: Hi, Suzanne! youre right, it has been too long. S: Did you find something on the menu that interests you? Sorry Im late for our lunch. Traffic was horrific.
                      禮節美語 Business Etiquette:264 Anti-smoking campaigns 22013-09-25
                      Marissa 和同事 Hank 正在討論吸煙的問題。Hank 說,有不少研究都發現,漲價確實能起到一定的抑制作用,促使一部分人戒煙。
                      禮節美語 Business Etiquette:263 Anti-smoking campaigns 12013-09-14
                      Marissa 早上一到辦公室,就開始跟同事 Hank 發牢騷。
                      禮節美語 Business Etiquette:262 Fear of Flying 22013-09-09
                      Sean 有飛行恐懼症,可他偏偏又是國際銷售代表,需要經常旅行。同事 Mimi 開玩笑說,他可真是選錯了職業。
                      禮節美語 Business Etiquette:261 Fear of Flying 12013-09-09
                      Sean 在走廊上遇到同事 Mimi, 他一副憂心忡忡的樣子。我們聽聽爲什麽。
                      禮節美語 Business Etiquette:260 Bullet Trains 22013-09-03
                      禮節美語 Business Etiquette:259 Bullet Trains 12013-09-03
                      Lewis 在走廊上遇到同事 Jay.
                      禮節美語 Business Etiquette:258 Flying Business Class 22013-08-01
                      Cindy看到同事Wendy很開心的樣子. Cindy: So Wendy, are you flying non-stop? Wendy: Washington DC to Beijing. . . non-stop. Amy: Oh thats lovely. The thing I hate the most about traveling is layovers. You have to get off the plane. . . get all your stuff. . .
                      禮節美語 Business Etiquette:257 Flying Business Class 12013-07-29
                      Cindy看到同事Wendy很開心的樣子. Wendy: (Excited) Yeah! Cindy: Hey, Wendy. . . . you sure looked excited. Whats up?
                      禮節美語 Business Etiquette:256 Sensitivity Training - Money 22013-07-11
                      禮節美語 Business Etiquette:255 Sensitivity Training - Money 12013-07-06
                      晚宴結束, Jason跟同事Harold一起往外走. Jason說: Jason: That was a lovely party, wasnt it? Harold: Yes, it was. The food was pretty good, too. J: I was a little puzzled aboU.S.mething, though. H: What was that?
                      該音頻有LRC字幕 禮節美語 Business Etiquette(附字幕):254 Tipping 22013-06-30
                      該音頻有LRC字幕 禮節美語 Business Etiquette(附字幕):253 Tipping 12013-06-21
                      該音頻有LRC字幕 禮節美語 Business Etiquette(附字幕):252 Investing 22013-06-11
                      Steve找到同事Bob, 向他請教投資的問題,Bob覺得股市風險太大,那房地産呢?
                      該音頻有LRC字幕 禮節美語 Business Etiquette(附字幕):251 Investing 12013-06-05
                      Steve找到同事Bob, 向他請教投資的問題. Steve: Hey, Bob! Youre a financial expert, arent you? I hear you know a lot about investing. Bob: Well, I dont like to toot my own horn. . . but I did go to school for a few years to study stuff like that.
                      該音頻有LRC字幕 禮節美語 Business Etiquette(附字幕):250 Cell Phone 22013-05-24
                      Sue跟坐在隔壁的同事George聊天。S: That's true...we might actually be making more work for ourselves by this constant need to stay in touch.
                      該音頻有LRC字幕 禮節美語 Business Etiquette(附字幕):249 Cell Phone 12013-05-21
                      Sue跟坐在隔壁的同事George聊天. Sue: Hey George, take a look at this article. It says several major airlines are considering allowing people to use their cell phones while in the air.
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