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                      英國廣播公司(British Broadcasting Corporation),簡稱BBC,BBC world news是英國的一家政府資助但卻獨立運作的媒體,長久以來一直被認爲是全球最受尊敬的媒體之一。



                      BBC News:PUBG game apologises for 'offensive mask'2018-07-21
                      The makers of online death match game PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) have apologised after the design of an in-game item upset some Korean fans.
                      BBC News:Money to help Trump immigrants rejected2018-07-21
                      A software company caught up in the controversy surrounding the US's now defunct policy to separate migrant parents from their children has drawn more criticism.
                      BBC News:Zuckerberg in Holocaust denial row2018-07-21
                      Mark Zuckerberg has once again found himself at the centre of a row, after saying posts from Holocaust deniers should be allowed on Facebook.
                      BBC News:UK criticises security of Huawei products2018-07-21
                      A UK government report into Huawei's broadband and mobile infrastructure equipment has concluded that it has only limited assurance that the kit poses no threat to national security
                      BBC News:Pound drops below $1.30 as June retail sales fall2018-07-21
                      The pound has fallen under $1.30 after a surprise fall in retail sales in June, confounding expectations of an increase.
                      BBC News:Google's Loon brings internet-by-balloon to Kenya2018-07-21
                      A network of giant balloons will soon bring internet access to remote regions of rural Kenya.
                      BBC News:Cliff-edge Brexit fears back in boardrooms2018-07-21
                      Thursday's warning from Brussels to EU businesses to step up preparations for a no-deal Brexit is timely.
                      BBC News:Two former traders jailed in Euribor rate-rigging case2018-07-21
                      Two former traders have been jailed for plotting to rig the Euribor global interest rate.
                      BBC News:Burberry burns bags, clothes and perfume worth millions2018-07-21
                      Burberry, the upmarket British fashion label, destroyed unsold clothes, accessories and perfume worth £28.6m last year to protect its brand.
                      BBC News:IMF warns Ireland faces economic hit from 'no deal' Brexit2018-07-21
                      Ireland's economy could suffer a 4% hit if the UK and the EU fail to reach a deal following Brexit, the International Monetary Fund has said.
                      BBC News:Comcast likely to be new owner of Sky2018-07-21
                      Comcast is likely to be the new owner of Sky, BBC Business Editor Simon Jack has learned.
                      BBC News:Ryanair flight cancellations to hit UK and Ireland routes2018-07-21
                      A strike by Ryanair pilots is set to go ahead on Friday resulting in the cancellation of 24 flights between the Republic of Ireland and the UK.
                      BBC News:Trump criticises US central bank's interest rate rises2018-07-21
                      President Donald Trump has said he is not happy about the fact that the US Federal Reserve is raising interest rates.
                      BBC News:David Walliams 'thrilled' to edit Beano 80th birthday edition2018-07-21
                      David Walliams will guest edit a commemorative issue of Beano to mark the comic's 80th birthday.
                      BBC News:James Packer: Australia tycoon quits boards citing mental health2018-07-21
                      Australian billionaire James Packer has quit 22 company directorships in recent weeks, in a retreat from business that began with his acknowledgement of mental health issues.
                      BBC News:Elon Musk apologises to Thai cave diver for Twitter attack2018-07-20
                      Tech entrepreneur Elon Musk has apologised to a British cave diver he called pedo guy in a row over the cave rescue in northern Thailand.
                      BBC News:Abuse inquiry fined £200,000 for email data breach2018-07-20
                      The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse has been fined £200,000 after sending a mass email that identified possible abuse victims, the Information Commissioner's Office says.
                      BBC News:Roblox blames 'gang rape' on hacker adding code to game2018-07-20
                      A popular children's video game has blamed a virtual gang rape on a hack of its systems.
                      BBC News:Man accused over 3D-printed guns is sci-fi fan, court told2018-07-20
                      An Australian man accused of making guns with a 3D printer has been described in court as a sci-fi fan who let his hobby get out of hand.
                      BBC News:Working gun made with 3D printer2018-07-20
                      The world's first gun made with 3D printer technology has been successfully fired in the US.
                      BBC News:Summer clothing sales hold back inflation2018-07-20
                      Inflation remained at 2.4% for the third month in a row in June, according to the Office for National Statistics, after clothing prices fell.
                      BBC News:3D-printed gun blueprints given go-ahead by US government2018-07-20
                      Blueprints outlining how to 3D print a gun can go back online, the US Justice Department has ruled.
                      BBC News:Ryanair cancels 600 flights over cabin crew strike2018-07-20
                      Irish airline Ryanair has cancelled up to 600 flights over two days next week due to a strike by cabin crew in Belgium, Portugal and Spain.
                      BBC News:EasyJet to sue over French air strikes2018-07-20
                      EasyJet will complain to the European Commission about strikes by French air traffic controllers, which have caused thousands of flights to be cancelled.
                      BBC News:Farnborough Airshow: Aston Martin unveils sports car for the skies2018-07-20
                      Luxury carmaker Aston Martin has unveiled plans for a personal aircraft dubbed a sports car for the skies.
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